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We are specialists in commercial vehicle transport marketing – both in the UK and Europe.

Liam Olliff founded M1 Marketing in 1994 as a specialist service for the commercial vehicle transport industry. He has held a number of senior sales and marketing roles in the CV industry, as a full time employee and as a consultant. He has particular knowledge of the temperature controlled sector – both from the operator and supplier sides.

Our team of creative designers, press release writers and exhibition stand builders have many ‘years of experience’ across a wide spectrum of CV industry sectors, including vehicle manufacturing, temperature controlled transport, rental and leasing, logistics and most equipment supply sectors.

M1 Marketing work hard to keep us in the trade press. They handle everything, from drafting and editing, to sending out and tracking results. We regularly see our press releases published, which not only is good for TruTac but helpful for our customers too. Last year, we had a total of 15 articles published 130 times across various magazines and websites.

Jemma James

Commercial Director, TruTac Limited

There’s far more to producing a successful exhibition stand than meets the eye. M1 Marketing design, build and manage virtually every aspect of our show stands and we always make an impact.

Ian Gough

Company President, Fontaine Fifth Wheel

The testimonial adverts produced for us by M1 Marketing, always feature our customers and highlight their satisfaction – using direct quotes – regarding the equipment and service we provide.

Bob Wise

UK Sales, Ab Ekeri Oy

Our customer magazine is designed and produced by M1 Marketing. They send a personal email with a summary of the articles to everyone on the prospect/customer database and then let us know the contact details of all those who ‘clicked’ through to read the magazine. 121 potential leads supplied in one year!”

Lizzy Rybicki

Marketing Manager, Labcraft Limited